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At Renew Skin & Health Clinic we provide excellent cosmetic services for safe, quick and very effective age spots removal treatments. Although this skin condition is strictly an aesthetic issue, we always address your cosmetic distress with high professionalism.

Renew Skin & Health Clinic’s aim is to make you feel and look your best and we benefit from both highly qualified personnel and advanced medical and cosmetic technology that will meet your expectations in terms of final results. Our team is made up of experienced practitioners, supervised by our doctor specialist who has a great expertise in performing and achieving great cosmetic results in age spots or dark spots removal, guaranteeing our clients’ satisfaction.

The use of the revolutionary CO2 laser treatment will ensure painless and virtually scarless age spots removal that will restore the beauty and youth of your skin, as this laser also provides skin rejuvenation through its resurfacing property. As it is a non-surgical, minimally invasive and extremely safe procedure, the CO2 laser age spots removal will solely act upon the hyperpigmentation areas, without causing any damage to the adjacent tissues.

For more information about the CO2 laser treatment for age spots removal or to schedule a specialized consultation with our doctor specialist, simply contact our Renew Skin & Health Clinic’s Head Office and our operators will take care of everything. We have performed numerous successful laser age spots removal treatments, managing thus to make a significant portfolio of recommendations and satisfied clients.

Renew Skin & Health Clinic can help you with almost any aesthetic skin issue approaching any aesthetic distress you may be dealing with from a multidisciplinary approach, as we have many experienced consultants in various medical and cosmetic fields. Through their expertise and dedication to impeccable services, we manage to provide our patients with a unique and comprehensive range of skin treatments.

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