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Are age spots a medical condition and in any way harmful?

Q. Are age spots a medical condition and in any way harmful?

I’m a 50 years old woman and I have observed some little tanned spots over my hands. I’m worried if they are solely caused by my age or they may hide a medical condition.

Is ageing the only main cause of age spots or are there other factors that may be?


A. It’s really important to know that age spots represent a cosmetic flaw and not a medical condition. If they appear as tanned, black or brown spots of relatively small sizes and on different areas of the body that are continually exposed to the sun (such as the face, arms, shoulders, face), they are harmless and won’t affect your health.

Age spots are also called liver spots or solar lentigines and despite their name, these dark lesions on the skin are not fully conditioned by the normal ageing process. Another important factor that stimulates their occurrence is the harmful UV light that affects the skin and causes an extra production of melanin. For their prevention, try using solar protection and avoid being exposed to the sun during peak hours. Even if not injurious, these age spots can be highly unaesthetic and may cause frustration and low self-esteem.

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