Visibility of results after laser age spots removal visible results after laser age spots treatment

When are results visible following a laser age spots removal treatment?

Q. How long should I wait for complete results to show following a laser age spots removal treatment?

What is the duration for complete age spots removal results to appear following a laser cosmetic treatment?


A. Although the DEKA CO2 laser treatment for age spots removal provides you with quick visible results of a flawless and firm skin, these cosmetic outcomes are not immediate. But compared to other procedures, after about two weeks, dramatic results will begin to appear. This also depends on each individual and their skin’s ability to regenerate fully, shedding the old layer of skin targeted with the non-ablative thermal action of the DEKA CO2 laser.

The reason why results of laser age spots removal are not immediate is because the build-ups of melanin are broken down into small particles that the immune system needs to absorb and eliminate through different complex processes. Again, this depends on each person, but first visible results are usually seen after 2 -4 weeks, after which they improve with time until completion. For more information about the DEKA CO2 laser age spots removal, simply contact our Head Office and schedule an appointment with our doctor specialist who will provide you with any detail.

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