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Age Spots Causes

Age spots are also known as solar lentigines or liver spots and appear on the areas of the skin that have had the most sun exposure over the years. Age spots are flat, oval areas of increased skin pigmentation. They are usually tan, brown or even black and are more predominant on the face, back of hands, top of feet, shoulders and upper back. Age spots are harmless and do not cause any other health problems. They are more common in the elderly but younger people can develop them too due to excessive sun exposure.

The appearance of age spots is caused by the excess production of melanin. Age spots may be caused by the ageing process, sun exposure, or different types of ultraviolet light exposure for example tanning beds. People at risk of developing age spots share the same characteristics and risk factors: people over 40 years of age, people with fair skin, long-term exposure to the sunlight and long-term use of tanning beds or tanning lamps. In terms of symptoms, age spots turn from light brown to a darker color, the texture is the same as the skin’s, they are painless and present on the exposed areas of skin to sunlight. The diagnosis process is very simple and does not require advanced technology. The doctor specialist will diagnose the age spots by looking at your skin.

The size of age spots can reach up to 13 millimeters or even more and this makes them more prominent. Despite the fact that people are more predisposed to develop age spots after the age of 40, this can’t be considered as being the main cause; sometimes even specialists are not very sure why age spots appear. Even though in some cases age spots look like cancerous growths, they are harmless and don’t require treatment except for cosmetic reasons, different age spots removal treatments cbeingused to diminish the color intensity of the age spots and even to remove them completely.

The main cause of age spots start up is the long-term exposure to the ultraviolet light followed by the tanning beds and tanning lamps that can also contribute to the development of these pigmentary lesions. Epidermal pigmentation has the role of influencing your skin color, the main factor here being melanin. Sun exposure accelerates the production of melanin excess which results in the tanning of the superior skin layer in order to help protecting the other skin layers beneath it. Further on, repeated long-term exposure to ultraviolet light leads to excessive melanin production in high concentrations which has as consequence the appearance of the age spots.

Age spots are not harmful for the human body and do not cause any physical pain, but you must be careful when they become really darkened and increase in size over a short period of time, or if they have multiple colors or start to bleed. In these cases, a consultation performed by a specialist is recommended to eliminate the possibility of any potentially malignant skin condition.

Age spots removal can be achieved through private skin laser treatments available now at Renew Skin & Health Clinic, procedures performed by our doctor specialist using the DEKA CO2 laser treatment. Depending on your cosmetic needs and the types and size of the age spots you want to have removed, we also provide alternative treatments such as radiosurgery, cryotherapy, deep chemical peels, etc. or, if you have smaller age spots, professional cosmetic products can also be applied with extraordinary results.

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