Age spots on the limbs removal treatment DEKA CO2 laser for age spots in limbs removal

Age Spots On The Limbs Laser Removal

Age spots may be considered a highly inconvenient cosmetic flaw for a lot of people who suffer from these skin lesions. Fortunately, the technology evolved so much that age spots removal treatments can be done in a non-invasive manner with the revolutionary DEKA CO2 laser treatment.

The unaesthetic age spots are also called solar lentigines or liver spots and can spread on different areas of the body: the trunk, shoulders, arms, hands, legs and even the face. Even if they are called ageing spots, this is not the only factor that conditions their appearance. Another element is the sun exposure, UV light increasing the melanin production and causing those dark solar lentigines to appear on the areas most exposed to the sun. Even if age spots appear in people over the age of 40-50, young people may present these skin lesions as well. Due to the great exposure of the limbs to the harmful UV radiations, these hyperpigmented spots may spread all over the arms and legs. Even if age spots are not harmful and solely represent a cosmetic issue, a large number of people are opting for their removal. Thanks to the innovative techniques, now you can benefit from the best age spots removal treatment performed with DEKA CO2 laser therapy at our Renew Skin & Health Clinic.

This new age spots on limbs removal laser treatment done with DEKA CO2 assures you effective results in no time. Performed by highly trained specialists in our clinic, this laser CO2 procedure consists in a non-ablative thermal effect upon the affected areas, destroying the build ups melanin cells from within and restoring a uniform skin colour, that lacks dark spots or patches on the limbs.

If you decide to opt for age spots on arms removal or age spots on legs removal, you’ll benefit from a non-invasive, non-surgical, painless procedure with effective results. The age spot removal treatment with DEKA CO2 lasts approximately 30 minutes, depending on the size and number of the age spots you want to have removed from the limbs. You don’t have to be hospitalized, so you can leave the clinic immediately after the procedure. No need for downtime, and the recovery is quick as compared to any other age spots on arms or legs removal treatments. In some situations, our doctor specialist may advise you to undergo 2-3 laser age spots on limbs removal sessions for excellent and complete cosmetic results.

If you contact the Renew Skin & Health Clinic Head Office for more information about the age spots on limbs removal laser treatment, our specialists will provide you with all the info you may require and will also ensure an accurate diagnosis following the specialized consultation. Why feel embarrassed with unaesthetic age spots on your arms, when there is such an effective, safe an simple solution like the DEKA CO2 laser therapy?

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