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Difference Between Age Spots And Moles

Age spots and moles are far from being the same thing as age spots appear in time, due to natural aging, as a result of long exposure to the harmful UV rays or even because of a fungus, while moles can be present on your skin since birth, or can appear later in life. However, age spots, also called liver spots most often appear in areas of your body that have been more exposed to the sun such as the forehead, shoulders, trunk, face, forearms and the back of your hands, while moles can be found anywhere on the body. In a case age spots are caused by a fungus, they appear lighter than usual in dark-skinned people and darker than usual in light-skinned ones.

In what concerns the appearance, age spots can be recognized as flat patches on your skin with color that varies from light brown to black. They are painless, harmless and appear in people who are older than 40 years old. But if you happen to notice such flat patches on your skin, do not hesitate to contact our Head Office at Renew Skin & Health Clinic and schedule an appointment for a specialized consultation with our doctor specialist in order to find out their nature. The same action must be taken for moles too.

Moles can be both flat and raised bumps on the skin, which can range in size from small round dots to oval bumps that can grow up to one cm in diameter. They can be hairy or hairless, brown or dark brown, with rarer situations when they are yellow, dark blue or even pinky-flesh colored, rough or smooth.

Although many people get alarmed when they have to deal with age spots and moles, these are harmless skin lesions that don’t actually indicate the presence of any health problems. But if, for example, age spots develop irregular borders that might look like those found in skin cancer, it’s imperative to consult a specialist in order to find out what you are facing. Again, the same thing is applied for moles because usually they neither itch, nor hurt, but there is the possibility for their tissue to change and that is when symptoms such as bleeding, inflammation, itching, darkening of the color and pain appear. That is when you know something is wrong and should seriously consider seeking specialized medical advice.

Both age spots and moles can be treated and removed, depending on the gravity of the situation and of course, their nature. You can choose to apply certain creams or other over-the-counter products that are known to have been a success in age spots removal and moles removal, however, a specialized opinion is always mandatory before applying any of the above. There are many other ways to remove age spots and moles among which there is the DEKA CO2 laser skin resurfacing, a private treatment performed by the doctor specialist at Renew Skin & Health Clinic with successful permanent results. Radiosurgery is another highly effective mole removal treatment that can also be effectively used for age spots removal, with excellent cosmetic results. Once the age spots and moles are removed, it is highly unlikely for them to reappear.

Most certainly you have many other questions not only about the differences between age spots and moles but about the harmless skin conditions in general. That is why we warmly recommend you to contact us at Renew Skin & Health Clinic and know the nature of your skin condition, as well as how to successfully remove it.

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