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Natural Remedies For Age Spots Removal

Liver spots or sun spots are just another other way to name age spots that can appear in both men and women, usually in those who are past their 40’s. They are formed as a result of prolonged exposure to the sun as the UV rays trigger the build-up of melanin under the first layer of the skin, thus leading to the appearance of these unaesthetic patches. But there are other factors that cause age spots to develop on your skin, such as natural ageing or even a certain type of fungus.

They are represented by flat tan, brown or black spots that can vary in size and shape. You could have them on your face, forearms, hands, back of the hands, trunk and shoulders, the areas of your body that were most exposed to the sun. So that not only people over 40 can have them, if you do not use protective sunscreen every time you go sunbathing, the effects will be felt in time.

Although age spots are sometimes mistaken for cancerous growths, it is important to know that they are actually harmless and do not require treatment. However, you could choose to remove them for cosmetic reasons, but if by any chance they rapidly increase in size, become darkly pigmented, develop irregular borders or even worse, start to itch and bleed, then you must contact a specialist.

There are several natural remedies for age spots removal at home if you don’t want professional private treatments performed by doctor specialists. But if you make up your mind our Renew Skin & Health Clinic will offer you a private treatment after a specialized consultation that is imperative. You can try different mixtures that you can prepare in the comfort of your own home, without having to deal with clinics and doctors.

There are indeed so many natural remedies for age spots removal that you can try with ingredients you have at home or that you can purchase. Aloe Vera is a very important and effective ingredient found in many creams and gels. By applying Aloe Vera gel on age spots twice a day for about two months will help fade them because Aloe Vera is a general healing agent.

You can also try, as a natural remedy for age spots removal at home, to apply a mixture of apple cider vinegar in combination with one teaspoon of orange juice on the age spots with the help of a cotton pad or a clean cloth. Or, if you have bilberry extract, combine it with fresh berries and apply it on the spots because it acts like an antioxidant. You can do the same thing with anthocyanosides daily.

Other natural remedies for age spots removal at home would be buttermilk as it has been used for generations as beneficial to the skin. Castor oil is also an efficient ingredient in the battle with age spots. If you apply it by rubbing it well into the skin in the morning and in the evening, the areas of increased pigmentation will disappear in about one month.

Chick peas and dandelion extract are also highly effective natural remedies for age spots removal at home. An ancient Chinese herb called gotu kola, if you manage to find it, will be mixed with a cup of herbal tea or just hot water, ginseng and cayenne. This remedy is very effective as it will remove the age spots in a few days.

Horseradish, black walnuts, papaya, yogurt mask, cucumber juice, rose water, lemon juice and onions have also great healing properties in what concerns age spots. So there are many natural remedies for age spots removal at home and you can try whichever of them you want. Just in case you experience the symptoms mentioned before, it’s imperative to consult a specialist. Renew Skin & Health Clinic is at your disposal with experienced specialists and professional non-surgical, safe and highly effective age spots removal treatments.

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