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Symptoms And Diagnosis For Age Spots

Age spots, also called liver spots or solar lentigines usually appear in older people, more specifically people over 40 years of age, but they can also manifest in younger individuals. Age spots mainly appear due to long-term sun exposure or ultraviolet exposure which leads to the excess production of melanin within the upper layer of the skin, alone or in groups.

Despite their aspect, age spots are harmless, do not cause any pain to the human body and there is no need for treatment. In general people make use of age spots removal treatments because of cosmetic reasons. Nevertheless, the appearance of age spots can be prevented by avoiding prolonged sun exposure and using sunscreen. This is a healthy and also cost-effective countermeasure for your skin.

In terms of symptoms age spots commonly develop at people with fair skin, but they can also develop in those with darker skin and appear as flat, brown or black spots. The size varies but they can extend up to 13 millimeters or even more. Age spots appear on the areas of the body most exposed to sunlight or ultraviolet light: face, hands, shoulders and arms, and on the upper back.

Their unaesthetic look might push you to find solutions and treatments to clear them away, but even if their aspect is not pleasant for you, age spots are harmless and medical care is not required. Still, in cases when age spots appear to be darker or they increase in size, your doctor should examine them because there are chances they might be a starting point for melanoma which is a serious type of cancer. So it is better to take precaution and schedule an appointment for a specialized consultation, where an accurate diagnosis can be set. Diagnosis of age spots can be done through visual check-up or skin biopsy. The biopsy is performed if the age spots look suspicious. This procedure is carried out by a doctor specialist under local anesthesia by taking a sample of your skin. Liver spots are not harmful and do not cause any physical damage to your body, even so they must not be neglected in order to exclude any potential risk for developing malignant skin conditions.

To establish a diagnosis or undergo age spots removal treatments you can set up an appointment with your family doctor, but you’ll probably be referred to dermatologist. Renew Skin & Health Clinic offers you the possibility of a specialized consultation performed by our doctor specialist and private skin laser treatments with the revolutionary technology of the DEKA CO2 lasers. If you want to benefit from age spots removal, Renew Skin & Health Clinic offers you various treatments such as: laser therapy, radiosurgery, cryotherapy, dermabrasion and chemical peels.

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